Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Calls For Breaking Up Social Media Giant to Regulate it, Says Mark Zuckerberg Has 'Unilateral Control Over Speech'
Facebook co-founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg | File Photo | (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

New York, May 9: Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, in an Op-Ed in the New York Times,  called for breaking Facebook as he believes that the company has become too good for the American democracy. Hughes founded the Facebook 15 years ago with Mark Zuckerberg but parted ways with the company about a decade ago. The opinion piece titled, "It's Time to Break Up Facebook" argued that Facebook had monopolised the social media space which is harmful for the platform. Mark Zuckerberg's Emails From Leaked Documents Reveal How Facebook Cut Off Its Rival Vine.

Raising concerns over the privacy issues, Hughes narrates how despite the court hearings last year which included Zuckerberg giving testimony aired to billions across the world, Facebook shares still saw a growth in revenue. Taiwanese Hacker Threats to Delete Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Account; Promises to Live Stream the Event. 

Though Hughes continually maintains that Mark Zuckerberg is still very much the same simple guy he was back in college when they founded Facebook in a dorm room, he also mentions how the drive and urge to control and eradicate all the other platforms have made Facebook a threat for democracy itself. He also cited the Cambridge Analytica as a turning point.

Hughes added how Zuckerberg owns the three biggest social media platforms used for communicating, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, effectively giving him access to billions of people across the globe.

Read the Tweet by Chris Hughes Below:

Hughes mentions the Facebook news algorithms and how it remains vulnerable to manipulation. "FB has become too big and too powerful, and it’s part of a trend in our economy of an increasing concentration of corporate power. We can fix this: break the company up and regulate it," said Hughes.