Aliens on Mars? NASA's Mars Rover 2020 Will Identify Extra-Terrestrial Life on Red Planets Jezero Crater
Aliens on Mars Jezero Carter (Photo credits: Twitter)

Space agency NASA has been trying hard since years to gather as many clues as they can about alien existence. The red planet Mars inhabiting alien life has come up time and again. Now to dig in more about the existence of any life form on Mars, NASA has decided the exact place where the Mars 2020 rover will land. They plan to study more about the signs of alien life in Mars soil. The nuclear power robot will be landed at Jezero Crater, which is an ancient impact site located just north of the Martian equator. NASA had internally analyzed the site with a lot of debate and then finalised on this spot. Alien Spotted in Space? NASA Astronaut Claims He Saw an ET-Like Creature on Space.

 "This area, with a history of containing water, may have ancient organic molecules and other potential signs of microbial life from billions of years ago," Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA, mentioned in a tweet. This mission is also an effort to collect the first sample of Mars back to Earth so that it could be studied in more detail. The Jezero Crater will provide a rich terrain to answer questions about evolution. "Getting samples from this unique area will revolutionize how we think about Mars and its ability to harbor life," informed Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA's associate administrator. Do Aliens Really Exist? Some Astronauts Believe in Extraterrestrial Life!

Check NASA's Tweet Informing About Mars 2020 Rover Mission to Find Aliens

Jezero Crater was named in the year 2007 and it means "lake" in Slavic languages. So it is no coincidence the area was once filled with liquid water. Nasa will launch the 2020 Rover in the month of July or August 2020 and it is expected to arrive by April or May 2021. NASA also informed, "Jezero Crater's ancient lake-delta system offers many promising sampling targets of at least five different kinds of rock, including clays and carbonates that have high potential to preserve signatures of past life."