Alligators Poke Noses Up Above the Ice to Survive Chilling Winter in North Carolina; Watch Brumation Video
Alligators Poke Noses Up Above the Ice to Survive Chilling Winter (Photo Credits: The Swamp Park/ Facebook)

Have you ever wondered how to the alligators survive in the freezing temperatures? An American wildlife park has very well served the answer through a video which has now gone viral. It’s all about keeping your head above the water! Yes, that is the technique that they have been using for a very long time now. The Swamp Park shared a video and pictures of a troop of alligators who poke their noses up through the ice, and it is a sight to behold. Small Penis Reason For Crocodile Couple's Failure to Conceive Even After Mating For 50 Years!

In the video, the narrator could be heard saying, “Eighteen American alligators are thinking ahead as they poke their noses up through the ice.” Although, the creatures might appear as still as if they are dead, the experts have assured that this is just how they survive in unexpectedly cold weather. According to the park, they can regulate their body temperature in all sorts of weather and stay frozen in place until the ice melts. Gigantic Alligator 'Chubbs' Strolls Into a Florida Golf Course, Freaks Everyone Out.

Watch Video of Alligators in Brumation

The alligators are entering into brumation, a process similar to hibernation. Experts describe that at this stage, the animals’ metabolism slows down they enter a lethargic state. Brumation comes in when the water is too cold for them to remain active. The park also said that the creatures even do not eat during this period and they often fall sick. The Swamp Park manager George Howard reported that the alligators almost sense when the water is about to reach freezing temperatures. They quickly pop out their nostrils the accurate time.