Small Penis Reason For Crocodile Couple's Failure to Conceive Even After Mating For 50 Years!
Crocodile (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A Polish zoo has finally found out the reason why a crocodile couple have not been able to conceive. Experts at Poznan Zoo in the city of Poznan located in western Poland's Greater Poland Voivodeship region found out that they could not reproduce due to the small penis of the male crocodile. The alligator-like crocodiles have been together for 50 years, since 1973 when they were quite small.

Keepers of the zoo had been puzzled for a long time why the reptiles Hektor and Luzia that frequently mate couldn't produce offspring. They said that the eggs they produced were never fertilised. Daily Mail quoted Malgorzata Chodyla, from Poznan Zoo as saying, 'Our staff had no idea what was the reason for the failure. The truth only came to light during the visit of specialist doctors from Germany. Hektor needed a lot of research and consultation from a gastrologist because he did not have any appetite. It turned out he was fine." Tigers' Love Story at Delhi Zoo: Royal Bengal Tiger and White Tigress Are Married and Ready to Mate.

Watch the video below:

Chodyla added saying, "However, the reason for his infertility came to light. The doctors said it was not surprising that Hektor's efforts were futile, because his willy is too small. Hektor is always very loud and hundreds of visitors come to see him moan and groan." According to the report, it seems that Hektor and Luzia will not be able to produce an offspring even through IVF because they are too old. Among reptiles, the size of the penis is important for breeding. And the love story of Hektor and Luiza is quite popular among the zoo comers.