Garlic Bread was Sent into Space to See How it Tastes After Landing Back on Earth, Watch Video
Garlic bread sent to space (Photo credits: YouTube screenshot)

A garlic bread is a good snack, accompanied with pasta or just otherwise. But a YouTuber had his random idea executed when it sent it to space! Tom Scott sent a chunk of garlic bread into space, 35 kilometres above the Earth's surface, only to see how it would taste once it lands back. For his mission, Scott took help of Random Engineering, a group that has expertise in making high-altitude balloons.

Tom along with these experts tied down the loaf of bread on weather balloon in an attempt to launch it into space. He wanted to see what happens to it once it goes from the atmosphere of the Earth. It was left exposed to the atmosphere during its journey up above. A parachute got it down safely. The goal was to get the garlic bread at least to the edge of space with the help of some fisheye lens, radio GPS, and a server box. The team tracked the landing of the bread and successfully captured it. And to ensure the taste difference, the team had kept half of the loaf down here.

Take a look at the video of sending the garlic bread in space and then eating it!

The findings of their mission were obviously not too delicious! When they tried to eat the space-returned bread, they found it extremely cold and chewy. The team wasn't very impressed but then it was a stratospheric bread and they wanted to see if food sent up there is very edible. Evidently, not! The bread was very much like a frozen one. There have been earlier experiments to send food in space but it is a conclusive idea that one would rather have their food cooked on Earth itself.