New Delhi, August 11: A spectacular celestial visual treat awaits for the sky gazers from August 11 to August 13, 2021. The Perseid meteor shower will be visible to people from Wednesday to Friday in the night sky. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unique outer space event. People can watch and enjoy the beauty of this meteor shower with just naked eyes, no special scientific or technical equipment will be required to witness a ray of small celestial particles passing throw the sky. A Day on Earth Has Become Shorter Than 24 hours As Planet Has Been Spinning Faster on Its Axis; 28 Shorter Days Recorded in 2020: Reports.

The Perseid which appear as bright-shiny meteors from the earth surface, are the debris left behind by a comet called Swift-Tuttle. At its peak, the meteor count can go as high as up to 100 meteors per hour, according to NASA. Perseid meteors are associated with the Perseus constellation. They travel with a velocity of 37 miles per second. The Perseid meteor are also known for their fireballs, which illuminate the night sky. Scroll down to know when, where and how to watch the beautiful Perseid Meteor Shower. Jupiter-Saturn Winter Solstice Great Conjunction 2020 Photos: Netizens Share Beautiful Pictures of Rare Christmas Star Gracing The Night Sky! 

When To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower?

The Perseid Meteor Shower will be at its peak in the night sky between August 11 to August 13. According to report, the best times to watch the meteor showers is during pre-dawn hours on August 12. However, it will be visible between midnight to dawn for another ten days.

Where & How To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower?

People can watch the meteor shower without any technical or scientific gear. It will be visible to naked eyes. All you have to do is 'Look Up' in the night sky, between midnight to dawn, to witness the beautiful celestial event. Alternatively, the meteor shower can also been seen at the Facebook page called 'NASA Meteor Watch.'

The beautiful annual celestial event, Perseid Meteor Shower, is a treat to watch when at its peak. The bright celestial debris look like a trail of shiny, glittery dots floating in the space. Icing on the cake- it is visible to naked eyes. So look up and witness yet another celestial marvel in the night sky.

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