New Delhi, March 26: The government has warned citizens against cybercriminals who are attempting to steal data from mobile phones and computers by sending malware-infected links in the disguise of coronavirus apps. According to a tweet by PIB Fact Check, some cyber fraudsters are circulating a malware link about a so-called coronavirus app like Spymax, Corona live 1.1 etc. Coronavirus Outbreak Live News Updates on March 26.

If such links are opened, cybercriminals may get access to one's mobile phone, computer or laptop and steal sensitive information and data. "Sometimes, cybercriminals are also taking advantage of rising coronavirus concern for collecting charity," the government warned. It urged citizens to be cautious while clicking on any links related to coronavirus received online or seeking donations for victims. Fact Check: Coronavirus Patients in Italy Lying on Hospital Beds and Treated Roadside? Know Truth Behind Photos From Earthquake in Croatia.

"Be cautious while clicking link recieved with reference to COVID-19 as it may take you to a malware-infected website. Be aware and check the credential of charity fund before donating money," PIB Fact Check tweeted. It also asked people to be aware of "vishing", the voice version of phishing. "V" stands for voice, and is a social engineering scam.

PIB Fact Check Tweet:

"The hacker may use the phone to trick a victim with reference to COVID-19 to obtain sensitive personal information. Do not reveal any sensitive information over phone call," the government warned. There have been several messages doing rounds on social media which claim to offer real-time updates on the global coronavirus outbreak. Many of them are suspicious.

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