Elephant Herd In China Has Walked 500km And Their Journey Is Trending Across The Globe

WORLD Team Latestly|

A herd of wandering Asian elephants which has achieved fame in China has been spotted taking a nap in a forest. The herd was seen resting near a village in Xiyang township after heavy rain slowed down its travels. The animals have been trekking the country for about 15 months in an extraordinary 500km (300-mile) trip away from their natural habitat. Authorities are closely monitoring their migration as the elephants roam through fields, villages & cities. The local government has deployed 14 drones and some 500 people to keep the herd safe, close roads and try to steer the elephants to the south-west, CGTN reported. Previous efforts to turn them around have failed, but the herd seems to be turning back and heading home, probably to the Mengyangzi Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna, in south-west Yunnan province. There are 15 elephants in the herd, including three calves. One male has broken free and is currently about 4km away from the rest of the group, according to the Yunnan Forest Firefighting Brigade which is in charge of monitoring them. Reportedly, the animals have been eating millions of dollars’ worth of crops, damaging buildings and poking their trunks through doors and windows during their march. It included a visit to the city of Kunming, where millions of people live. Watch the video to know more.

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