June 2021: Significance Of Pride Month & All You Need To Know About The LGBTQ Movement; Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Taylor Swift Tweet

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LGBTQ+ community has fought a long battle for their right to live a dignified life. Therefore, every year in June, the world celebrates Pride month in honor of community members who have been through various obstacles in life and have come a long way. It also showcases how far gay rights have come, and what all is yet to achieve. Several campaigns and drives are held to educate people about how damaging homophobia can be. The Google Doodle on June 2 honoured Dr Frank Kameny, an American astronomer, World War II veteran and gay rights activist. The picture on its homepage, which shows Kameny wearing a colourful garland, pays tribute to him as we enter the month of June, which is celebrated globally as ‘Pride Month’. Google describes Kameny as “on of the most prominent figures of the US LGBTQ rights movement” and thanks him “for courageously paving the way for decades of progress”. US President Joe Biden tweeted, “Pride stands for courage, it stands for justice, and most of all it stands for love.” Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of state tweeted, “LGBTQ rights are human rights.” To mark the month, Singer Taylor Swift took to Twitter to wish her fans a 'Happy Pride Month' by signing a petition #summerofequality by GLAAD.

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