Mumbai, January 28: In a shocking incident that took place in Bangladesh, a boy from Chittagong ended up in Malaysia while playing hide and seek with his friends. The incident came to light when the boy was discovered by the port staff in Malaysia's Port Klang. The boy was reportedly shipped from Bangladesh to Malaysia after he accidentally hid himself in a shipping container.

According to a report in Mirror.Co.UK, the boy, who was hiding in the shipping container while playing hide and seek with his friends in Chittagong ended up at Port Klang in Malaysia. Shockingly, the boy was sent on a six-day ocean voyage after the container was shipped from Bangladesh to Malaysia. Ukraine War, Russia-US Rivalry Makes Things Complex for Bangladesh: Report.

The boy was named Fahim by local authorities. Police officials said that the container left Bangladesh on January 11 and arrived at Port Klang on January 17. The youngster was so much terrified that he had started to bang the walls of the shipping container and even screamed for help. Finally, he was discovered by port staff in Malaysia.

After being found in the container, officials said that the boy was hungry, exhausted and terrified. At first, poet officials thought that the boy was a victim of human trafficking, however, they ruled him as a victim of organised crime. Malaysian Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail told local media, "The boy, known only as ‘Fahim’, was found in one of the containers brought by a ship from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi National Held with Fake Passport, Aadhaar Card at Coimbatore Airport.

The minster said that they sent Fahim for medical tests in order to treat him for possible dehydration and fever. Later, they sent him home safely. "The process for him to be sent home (repatriated) was made according to legal channels," the home minister added.

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