Chinese President Xi Jinping to Visit North Korea This Week: CCTV
Xi Jinping (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Beijing, June 17: Xi Jinping will visit North Korea this week, state media said on Monday, marking the first visit there by a Chinese president in more than a decade. Xi will visit Pyongyang Thursday and Friday at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said Chinese broadcaster CCTV. Chinese President Xi Jinping Awarded Kyrgyzstan’s Highest Honour Manas Order of the First Degree.

China could be keen to demonstrate the strong ties it has with Pyongyang to ensure it remains a key player in efforts to dismantle the North's nuclear program. But the celebrations come as President Donald Trump has blamed Beijing for the slow progress of denuclearization. Xi Jinping Says China Will Continue Use of 'Military Force' to Ensure Taiwan's Territorial Control.

Beijing is determined to ensure its interests are honored, especially its desire to maintain the viability of Kim's regime and keep US and South Korean forces far from its border.