Chinese Woman Offers Herself in Marriage to Save Cancer-Stricken Sister, Raises $1,25,000
Cui Qiao's sister is suffering from a form of blood cancer (Photo: )

Cui Qiao, from Henan Province of China made an unusual offer in a desperate bid to raise money for her younger sister who is suffering from cancer.

Cui, who is a kindergarten teacher needed to raise $78,000 for her sister’s leukaemia treatment. Her father is a sanitation worker and her mother is disabled. The responsibility for helping with her sister’s cancer treatment fell on her. The family managed to raise some funds through crowdfunding for the first round of chemotherapy. But to treat leukaemia completely, the patient has to undergo a bone marrow transplant treatment which is an expensive procedure. Cui also had to leave her job after her sister’s chemotherapy treatment to stay at home to help her.

With no funds in sight, Cui mentioned in desperation during a local interview that she would get married if it helped pay for her sister’s treatment, generating publicity for the fundraising effort. As news spread of her offer, she started getting serious offers. “At first I didn’t want people knowing my family was so miserable,” she said. “Reality forced me to say that sentence. For my sister, I will do the best I can,” reported

Cui’s sister also requires a bone marrow transplant but has not found a match yet. Cui said the doctors are yet to test her as a match for her sister.

Leukaemia also commonly referred to as blood cancer is a group of cancers that usually begin in the bone marrow and result in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. The treatment involves a bone marrow transplant which helps reduce the number of white blood cells in the body.

Cui’s offer however has managed to raise $1,25,000 after her story went viral in China. She has not revealed if she has chosen her groom.

China suffers from a skewed gender ratio due to the government’s one child policy for over three decades to control the population and hence grooms in China are finding it increasingly difficult to find partners.