Federal Judge Stays President Donald Trump's Asylum Proclamation, Will the 'Caravan of Migrants' March Into US Now?
US President Donald Trump at UN | File Image | (Photo Credits: Twitter/@JeffreyGuterman)

Washington, November 20: A federal judge has temporarily barred US President Donald Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally, reported news agency AP.

US President Donald Trump had issued a proclamation on November 9, saying that all who illegally cross the US-Mexico border will be refused asylum. The US President's proclamation said that anyone crossing the southern border would not be held eligible for asylum.

President Donald Trump's decision to refuse asylum would have made it even more difficult and practically impossible for people trying to enter the US in order to avoid deportation.

A report in the New York Times said that Trump's proclamation was a result of the migrants who had started to arrive in large numbers at the US-Mexico border. The American Civil Liberties Union challenged the proclamation saying that the US laws states in no uncertain terms that no matter how people enter US, they are allowed to seek asylum under the law.

Will the 'Caravan of Migrants' March Into US Now?

The Federal Judge's order blocking President Trump's proclamation on asylum is the latest courtroom setback for President Trump on immigration policy. US District Judge Jon Tigar's temporary ban on President Trump's asylum order means that those crossing the southern border illegally, can seek for asylum till December 19. The judge has scheduled December 19 as the next date for hearing on the matter.