Mexico, January 27: In a shocking incident, a 16-year-old girl was found naked inside a black plastic bin bag at a garbage dump site in the outskirts of Mexico City. The girl informed officials that there were other girls along with her. María Ángela Olguín had been missing from Mexico City for three days before a passerby found her after she heard her crying in a landfill next to a parking lot.

Mirror reported that cops found Olguín to be very confused and disoriented when she was found. She had gone missing on January 19 as she waited for her mother outside a restroom at the Indios Verdes metro station in northern Mexico City. US: Student Raped, Dumped on Street Before Being Killed by Speeding Car in Louisiana, Four Arrested

Though Olguín has not been able to tell police much about who abducted her, or where she has been for the past few days, CCTV footage from the metro station shows the teenager apparently being led away by an unknown man. UK Woman Suffering From Dairy Allergy Dies of Reaction After Using Milk-Touched Spoon to Stir Cup of Tea.

María’s older sister Elizabeth said that it is clear from the videos that Olguín didn’t leave on her own and was taken by a man that grabbed her from her arm. The cameras didn’t get what happened next.

Authorities are yet to identify the accused as the suspect, and his footage is blurry providing few details. Further investigation into the incident is underway and police are trying to get more information about the other girls who were with María.

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