Pakistan General Elections 2018: Know Where Your Vote is Registered & How to Cast it
Image Used for Representational Purpose Only | (Photo Credits: Twitter@VishalSehgal)

Islamabad, July 23: Ahead of the upcoming general and provincial elections in Pakistan on Wednesday, July 25, the government has released an educative video on its Twitter handle informing the electorate how to check the registration of their vote and how to cast their mandate at the ballot box.

The step-by-step guide illustrates how a voter can find in which booth his vote is registered and accordingly visit the appropriate polling booth and cast his mandate.

Here is the video guide released by the Government of Pakistan:

Voters are recommended to send a message on 8300, typing their Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) number. Shortly after their message gets delivered, they would be reverted on the same number with details which include the name of the polling booth where their vote is registered.

On the day of voting, the electorate need to assembly at any time between 8am to 5pm at the polling booths and cast their mandate.

Inside the polling booth

Voters will be provided with two ballot papers - white and green. The choice made via the green paper is for electing parliamentarians to the national assembly, whereas, the choice made through white paper is for the provincial assembly.