Paris Knife Attack Update: 2 Killed, 1 Seriously Injured by the Attacker
Paris Knife Attack (Photo credits: ANI. Representational Image

Paris, August 23:  According to the latest update, two people have been killed and one is seriously injured by a man armed with a knife. According to AFP, the incident took place in a town about 30 kilometres (20 miles) southwest of Paris.  Two people who were killed were the mother and sister of the attacker, as per an AP report. The Islamic State group- ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. The person who is seriously injured is reportedly a passerby.

The report further quotes a source who said, "The attacker was "neutralised" by police in Trappes after he tried to hide in a building. Paris Attacker Was on Police Anti-terror Watch List: Report

Reportedly, BFM TV said the attacker shouted “Allahu akbar”, but police could not immediately confirm it. Police are currently looking into the issue and the reason behind the attack is not known yet.

Reuters news agency reported, citing a source that the knife attacker was finally shot down by police and killed. A similar incident happened in the month of May when the attacked killed one and injured four in a deadly attack. Reportedly, the person, who carried out the knife attack, was on a police anti-terror watch list of people suspected of having radicalized views and posing a potential security risk.