For the First Time, Nation-wide Stock Limit Imposed for Onion Traders: Ram Vilas Paswan

New Delhi [India], Sept 29 (ANI): Appraising about the steps taken by the govenment to bring down onion prices, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan stated that for the first time a nationwide stock limit has been imposed on onion traders."Till now, the state governments used to impose stock limits as per circumstances. For the first time, stock limit has been imposed throughout the country at the same time," Paswan tweeted in Hindi.Paswan further informed that the government has curbed the export of onion which will bring down prices.In addition, 100 quintal stock limit for retail traders and 500 quintal limit has been imposed on wholesale traders by the government. The state governments have also been directed to take strict action against hoarding practices.The Union Minister also welcomed other states to supplement deficient onion stock in their state through the buffer stock created by the government."This year, through NAFED, the government has created 56,700 tonnes of onion as buffer stock. Through this stock, Delhi, Haryana, Tripura, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal are being sent the onion to fulfil their demands. Other states can also take onion as per their requirements," Paswan tweeted. (ANI)

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