One of the most significant side-effects of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has been the increased usage of online apps, especially those required to access services locally. This has inspired local brains to put their skills to good use and contribute to national growth. One such innovative mind is that of a young man from Odisha’s Berhampur, Adib Sattar, who channeled his potential into building two amazing applications, which are aimed at making your life easier, as an individual and a business owner. Adib is Founder-CEO of Just Reach Solutions, a new-age digital marketing firm, which is assisting companies, big and small, in slaying the cut-throat competition through technology. After Just Reach app, developed in collaboration with Berhampur Municipal Corporation, to help the people of Ganjam district, Adib has now launched RotRet, an app that allows patrons to share short videos with each other. The highlight of both these apps is that the company behind them is completely based in Berhampur and showcases PM Narendra Modi’s vision “Being Vocal for Local” in the true spirit!

Adib’s digital marketing company is dedicated to providing high-tech, competent solutions to businesses of all ranges, in the form of website designing, web development, reputation management, Pay Per Click, App development, content writing and SEO. However, more than anything else, it is Adib’s pride in his legacy, as a Berhampurian that marks his business solutions. Adib proudly says, “Mu Berhampuriya Mu Odia.” Roughly translated, it means, “I am from Berhampur, I am from Odisha!”

Entertaining With RotRet Platform

India may have banned TikTok, as part of our national foreign policy but this ban has provided an incentive to grassroots entrepreneurs like Adib to come up with innovative technological solutions like RotRet. Talking about his latest app, available on Google Play store, Adib says, “RotRet is a made-in-India short video platform that doesn’t charge money. We have designed it for people who want to showcase their talent online, in a ground-breaking manner. The subscribers can use this every-day platform for personal enjoyment as well as entertaining others too.” Though the app is newly launched and it still has a long way to go before it can boast of the following once enjoyed by TikTok, but it is well on its way to that goal.

Reaching Out With Just Reach

Since the world is becoming more and more technology-driven, it remains a matter of few more years before our world would be ensconced inside our smartphones. A step in that direction is the Just Reach app, which offers you a range of products and services, belonging to numerous companies, at the touch of a button. Keeping in mind the situation with Covid-19, isn’t it wonderful that you can access this app and get any product or service that you need, without having to step outside? Well, so thought Adib too. He came across this idea of providing hassle-free services via the App, keeping his priorities right. The customers have to make minimal effort to seek a service or product and it arrives at their doorstep. Speaking about this 100% localized app, Adib says, “Comfort and convenience are the two hallmarks of Just Reach app and these will continue to remain so.” This user-friendly mobile app is a one-stop solution for the customers’ daily needs and problems. Described as “consumer-centric and hassle-free service provider”, Just Reach app is being widely used by hundreds of customers, making it a competitive force in the market. Adib is also planning to join hands with other municipal corporations in the country to replicate Just Reach’s success in different parts of India.

The excellent tech support services and techniques are helping Just Reach Solutions to offer outstanding answers to questions raised by entrepreneurs looking for ease of business in their day-to-day routines. The fact that it is a proud Odiya guy driving this movement makes it all the more special!

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