Over the past few years our world has changed dramatically, when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. The skills required to be successful in 2020 are rapidly shifting as our world continues to advance and expand online. Today some of the most successful companies in history such as: Google, Apple and Amazon all leverage the virtual world and new technologies like artificial intelligence. Many businesses find themselves having to close their doors if they don't build an online presence. With that being said, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with knowing what to do, and how to build their businesses online successfully. Luckily there are two forward thinking virtual entrepreneurs, working to help businesses and entrepreneurs take their ventures to the next level.

In the beginning of their careers, Eric Augustine and Kunal Mehta realized that learning sales was the foundation of success in business. They both started out doing direct sales for businesses such as; door to door sales, cold calling and closing deals online. At this time, they had not met each other yet, they were working in different countries and different business climates. Augustine started his sales career in Sarasota, Florida and Mehta got his start in Toronto, Canada. Gradually they both moved into doing low ticket and high ticket closing for a number of different companies. They ended up quickly excelling in sales, and bringing in many clients for the companies they worked for. This allowed them to build many necessary skills to help any business become successful in the 21st century. What they realized during their early growth was that the most successful sales people were tapping into online markets. Many businesses and jobs were becoming more and more online based. Largely successful business owners have recognized that virtual business is where our world is heading, it is the future. Augustine and Mehta both identified this, seeing that the online realm was saving businesses time and money.

Early on in their careers, Eric Augustine and Kunal Mehta saw a virtual revolution happening in our world. They were right on the ball, our world today has become mainly influenced by virtual networks. For example, if Donald Trump posts a tweet on twitter it has a massive effect on our economy. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is that brick and mortar businesses are simply not sustainable anymore without an online presence. It is as Bill Gates said “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. Because of the online communities that became available to them, Augustine and Mehta were able to connect virtually and begin to work together. Fast forward to the present and they are a power team focused on helping people take their businesses to new heights.

Their main goal is to help business owners and entrepreneurs save their time and money by leveraging online tools to reduce costs. They help people take their businesses online, by teaching their clients how to use digital tools to optimize their success and sales. A business can dramatically reduce it’s overhead by starting an online store, which is one of the things Augustine and Mehta specialize in. Another tool they offer their clients is access to an advanced artificial intelligence technology. A.I. technology is one of the most efficient technologies that has ever been invented. It is faster and largely more effective than human beings, and is an essential tool for anyone looking to make a lot of money, and see consistent long term success. These virtual entrepreneurs identified this early on and educated themselves in the best technologies, to give their clients the top resources. Using the knowledge they have accumulated they are focused on helping experienced entrepreneurs and new ones take the first steps to building an online presence for their business. They also help their clients build their own personal brands that stand out in the online world.

Today, Augustine and Mehta work with clients around the globe helping them take advantage of all that the online business world has to offer. Having culminated over 8 years of experience between them in sales, digital marketing and building online businesses they are focused on continuing to put people in a position to win.