While it could seem like a daunting task to find ways of turning your passions into profits, it can be quite exhilarating to have the freedom of discovering your potential, jumping across the conventional boundaries, and owning your independence. Whether you have been toying with how to execute your ideas for some time now or just merely brainstorming, now more than ever, with the world moving completely online with the Covid crisis, should you launch your business online.  Lawyer and Serial Entrepreneur, Jehan “J.” Carter, Esq. in less than three years has transformed her expertise and passions into multiple scalable products and businesses to help thousands of entrepreneurs too, achieve their dream businesses.  Groupon has now partnered with Carter to expand this mission to help entrepreneurs by also offering a variety of her Legally Fab DIY business and creative courses on their platform.

Right from the beginning, Carter planned to build herself as a brand. A graduate of New York Law School and owner of the Carter Law Group, she is known for her entrepreneurial endeavors and legal expertise as both a legal correspondent and law professor.  Growing up, she was always forced to choose between the law and her creative dreams.  Determined to co-exist in both worlds, she explored her interests beyond the "normal" legal path and landed into various arts, media, technological endeavors.

The fruits of her labor paid off before the age of 30 when she produced 2 television show concepts, 1 film, an apparel line and authored her first book while launching her solo legal practice and managing teaching at several universities. Her achievements and diverse experiences urged her to help other inspiring entrepreneurs especially women, support their interests and realize their dreams in the most daring and “fabulous” way.

In 2017, Carter launched the Legallyfab.com platform with just an advice blog and three legal courses (Trademark, Copyright and LLC) from her experience as a licensed attorney.  In just three years, she has added coaching, legal forms and seven more creative courses that range from how to self-publish a book to how to launch a podcast to even how to pitch a reality show. These courses are taught all from her actual experiences in successfully launching these creative ventures.

As the 2020 Covid outbreak was one of the biggest challenges for young entrepreneurs and professionals, the demand for her expertise on how to launch and monetize businesses online exploded as well as the request for her live business coaching.  Groupon assisted with this spike by offering more of her DIY courses through their platform at a discounted price.  Carter opened her one-on-one coaching programing to twice as many business owners also to manage the surge.

"While 2020 has unexpectedly turned for the worse with the Corona virus, the goal of expanding my catalogue of DIY courses and coaching was to encourage business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to pivot with the expertise they already had and scale it into digital products and services they could monetize online.  This included teaching them how to create courses, guides and templates.”

In 2020, Forbes named women especially women of color the fastest growing number of US entrepreneurs.  Carter hopes that the mission of Legally Fab will continue to empower the next generation of women professionals to help them achieve their dream jobs and businesses regardless of the economic climate.