It is often said that occurrences in the universe have a reason and are never coincidental. Numerology has been used since time immemorial to explain and understand the plans of the cosmos.

At Numerology Angel, we attempt to decipher your destiny based on Angel numbers, compatibility, soul urge numbers and destiny numbers.

Let us attempt to understand the significance of these terms. Angel numbers refer to the realm of our guardian angels. It is believed that all of us have our own guardian angels who protect us and want the best for us in life. It said that they protect us when things are not going well in our lives by sending us signals and messages in the form of numbers. The various angel numbers like 824, 623,1251, 143, signify various things and have various interpretations.

Compatibility attempts to calculate life paths based on numbers. These numbers help determine the health of a relationship, especially romantic relationships. The numbers in a person’s name have a numeric value which can be tied to a frequency.

The soul urge number in numerology conveys the characteristics and traits of an individual. The soul urge number 22 for example, is considered to be the master in numerology. This number is considered to be honest, rational, well organized and paying attention to detail. These characteristics are similar to 4 but 22 is considered stronger. The individuals with these numbers make wise leaders and have a lot of followers and loyal friends. A numerological reading of soul urge number 22 will also reveal how it will work for your social life, how well you will make connections and so on. The best careers for soul urge number 22 will also be spelled out. Boththe aspects, the negative and positive will be discussed.

Numerology Angel offers powerful tools through soul urge number and other numerology methods to decode, understand and plan your destiny !

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