Singer Aastha Gill feels the lockdown scenario amid the coronavirus pandemic will have an impact on the taste of people when it comes to music. "The lockdown is actually inspiring new music. I have been working on a lot of content right now. I have been working on my lyrics-writing skills. I am trying to evolve. I think this lockdown will change the tastes of people. Since everyone is already sad, they're looking for something that will make them happy, motivated and positive," Gill told IANS. In sync, she recently came out with a fun wedding song "Video bana de", for which she collaborated with Sukh E. Kabir Singh Singer Vishal Mishra Reveals How His Small-Town Origins Make Him Understand The Value of Opportunity

"The fans loved it. It was a very random idea. A lot of people postponed their wedding due to the lockdown including my cousin. She was really sad about it. So we were just discussing with our team and someone from it suggested this idea of a virtual wedding. Sukh-E and I were game for it. We thought let us show people the new way of celebrating life. If everything is not working out as per their wishes the least we can do is this. It is just a way of bringing some happiness in their lives during these bad times," she said. Neha Kakkar’s Instagram Family Grows to 40 Million, Singer Surpasses Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s Following

Talking about how she is spending time amid the lockdown, she said: "I am doing a lot of things such as cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing, social media posting, watching movies, playing Pub-G, spending time with family and spending hours with my dog. I'm planning to do some kind of production work and I'm working on my songwriting skills." At the moment, she is working on "a couple of collaborations". "I am in talks with a lot of artists. My experience so far has been great. It's so good to know other artists and their mindsets and their visions so I am just working on a lot of collaborations right now," she said.

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