As Salim Khan Gets Preachy About #MeToo, Twitterati Asks Him to Answer for Salman’s Wrong Deeds First
Salim Khan and Salman Khan (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Social media is flooded with people talking about the #MeToo movement in India. Like almost everyone else from Bollywood, Salim Khan too has voiced his opinion about #MeToo. He took to Twitter this morning to comment on the ongoing movement where he said, "The only defence they have is "Why so late ?” It is better late than never. You don’t have to wait for the result, you have already won great public support. Aadmi pahad se gir kar khadda ho sakta hai…apni nazron se girkar nahin." #MeToo: Anirban Das Blah, Head of KWAN Entertainment That Manages Deepika Padukone, Asked To Step Aside From His Duties.

This tweet wasn't received positively from his followers on the micro-blogging site. Ever since he shared his thoughts, people have been trolling him on Twitter asking him to first answer for Salman Khan's wrong deeds. Check out his tweet here-

And the response he has got so far...

One of the users commented saying how they feel Salim Khan should give some of this gyan to his son who "killed" and "injured" people hinting at the drunk driving case.

Salim Khan trolled (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Another user commented reminding Salim of how easily Salman got away with the black-buck poaching case despite being guilty.

Salim Khan trolled (Photo Credit: Twitter)

One user called Salman Khan an "abuser" and "molester".

Salim Khan trolled (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Looks like Twitterati has a valid point here to make. But we don't think either Salman or Salim would want break their pin- drop silence on that.