Tumbbad Quick Movie Review: Sohum Shah's Fantasy Horror Holds Your Attention From Frame One
Sohum Shah in a still from Tumbbad

Sohum Shah who broke into the Bollywood scene with Ship of Theseus, a film that he acted and produced in, is repeating the feat with Tumbbad. The movie has been getting high acclaim in its festival run and the initial reviews have been highly positive. Deemed as a fantasy horror thriller, Tumbbad is said to be a different kind of expertise for viewers. Navratri Box Office: What the Past Trend Teaches Helicopter Eela, Tumbbad and Jalebi.

Our in-house critic Sreeju Sudhakaran is watching the movie and here's what he has to say about the first half -

"Tumbbad is about a hidden treasure and a man's greedy pursuit for the same even if it means putting his own life at risk. Greed is the driving force behind the characters in the film, and before their intentions, even the monstrous entities seem to pale in comparison. Set before India got independence, the lead in the film is looking for the gold that he feels is meant to be his. He succeeds in his mission, but his greed also consumes the humanity in him. When there are mystic forces involved, can he get away without repercussions?

Right from the first frame, Tumbbad grabs your attention with its atmospheric horror and unusual themes. Blending fantasy and horror, there is not a scene in the movie that feels out of place. The performances, lead by Sohum Shah, feel very natural and the pre-Independence setting adds a mystic allure to the story."