What!! Alia Bhatt Had A Crush On Ranbir Kapoor When She Was An 11 Year Old Kid!
Alia has always taken Ranbir Kapoor seriously, ever since she was a kid! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

For those who thought that Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor's love equation is just a passing affair, this piece of info will serve as an absolute eye-opener. Considering the age gap between the lovebirds Alia and Ranbir, and given Ranbir's Casanova image, it was assumed that the spark flew between Ranbir and Alia at the snap of a finger! But one gathers that for Alia, her current boyfriend Ranbir has always been someone she could only dream to be with.

In fact, Alia had a crush on Ranbir when she was just an 11 year old kid. Ranbir has had a string of affairs, but Alia is not hesitant to confess that she liked Ranbir even at that young age in a TV interview.  “I met Ranbir when I was 11, I had auditioned for Black. Since then, I had a crush on him. And then he came in Saawariya, and I had already seen him." she confessed. During the conversation, when Anushka (Sharma) who was part of the panel for the said interaction,  asked Alia if she had posters of Ranbir in her room, she said, "No, but I used to stare at his pictures." Gully Boy New Posters Revealed! Ranveer Singh And Alia Bhatt's Valentine's Day Release To Be All Romantic And Musical - View Pics!

Wow! what that it clearly suggests that Alia must be taking Ranbir very seriously as a life partner. Ranbir too is looking happy in Alia's company, but we are yet to hear any story from Ranboo's mouth that can make us believe that this would be a long-term, concrete equation.

Rumours amidst all this hoopla have been growing strong that even the Kapoor and Bhatt family members are taking this love equation seriously and there might another star wedding on the cards soon.


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Ranbir and Alia who will be seen movies such as Takht and Brahmastra soon, have had their shares of relationships. While Alia at one point was linked to Varun Dhawan, it was Sidharth Malhotra whom she dated on a serious note. Ranbir too was linked with Sonam Kapoor before he dated Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. We hope that this super starry equation finds a concrete goal in the end...the one that spells true love forever!