Mulan Teaser: The Live-Action Remake Looks So Cool That We’re Counting Down the 264 Days to Its Release
Mulan Teaser (Photo Credits: Disney/YouTube)

Mulan live-action-remake has been trying to see the light of the day since October 2010. After a cancellation, a reignition, delays, rewrites, the movie finally went on floors last year and today, the first teaser of the new Mulan was released on the internet by Dinsey. Yay! The first footage looks absolutely stunning. Within the bounds of 1 minute 29 seconds, the teaser perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the film. We see the conflicting ideas that Mulan has to face. While an elderly figure in the footage narrates the attributes of an ideal wife, that Mulan has to be, the heroine goes on to do so much more than just that. Sword-fighting, horse-riding, roof jumping and just being a total badass - every attribute of a warrior that Mulan wants to be. Disney's Mulan Live-Action Film Becomes The Studio's Highest Budgeted Movie!

Auditions for the titular role took place over multiple continents. Not many fit the bill of the actor who was required to be efficient in language and skills. Finally, the role landed in Liu Yifei's lap. She stuns in the first look of the film. It is very evident from the shots that she has worked really really hard on this one. Meet Disney's New Ariel - R&B Singer Halle Bailey - For The Live-Action Of Little Mermaid!

Check Out the Trailer of Mulan Here:

The Mulan teaser has certainly got me excited but that doesn't mean I have nothing to whine about. Well, I belong to the generation that has to complain about each and everything on the internet, so here we go...Where is that awesome dragon and cricket from the original film? In the original animated Mulan, Eddie Murphy voiced for the dragon named Mushu. Frank Welker voiced for Mulan's friendly cricket Cri-kee. I am also looking forward to a glimpse at Utkarsh Ambudkar. Maybe, the first trailer.

Mulan is gearing up for a release on March 27, 2020. That is 264 days away from experiencing this awesome film. The movie has been directed by Niki Caro.