Recently, we told you how Kareena Kapoor Khan has watched The Queen's Gambit and wishes to know if India can make something like that. Well, we don't about that but it seems the miniseries has definitely taken the OTT content world by storm. The series has become the biggest scripted limited series for Netflix ever. That's not all. All the frenzy and glorious reviews for the show have helped the novel it is based on be part of the New York Times' Best Seller's list, 37 years after it was published. Kareena Kapoor Khan Watches The Queen’s Gambit And Wants To Know ‘Can Someone Please Make This Here?’

The Queen's Gambit is about Chess prodigy Beth who's difficult life in an orphanage becomes the biggest roadblock in her soaring fame as a chess player. The series is deeply satisfying as it flaunts everything a teenager goes through. It also reminds us of Anne With An E who had a similar upbringing but found a way to fight the darkness and torture in her life.

Now everyone wants to be a Chess player:

We don't know if learning Chess from Google is a great idea but we are damn stoked that a series has made people take up an intelligent sport.

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