Oscars 2020: Academy Awards May Have No Host Again
Oscars. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Los Angeles, May 15: The Academy Awards in 2020 may also end up having no host, just like this year's Oscar's ceremony, if ABC Entertainment head Karey Burke is to be believed. Christian Bale Nominated for Oscars 2019 Best Actor Category for Vice: All about Bale and His Chances of Winning at 91st Academy Awards.

"I believe we will not mess with that format to the best of our ability," variety.com quoted Burke as saying on the idea that next year's Oscars could also be without a host. Burke said she was not saying yes or no to the idea of Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Oscars in 2020, a real possibility given the fact Kimmel recently signed a three-year extension of his deal with the network.

She was happy that this year's Oscars telecast was up in the ratings compared to last year at a time when most award shows have seen noticeable drop offs in their live ratings. This year's telecast attracted attention due to the fact that ABC and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences were unable to find a host for the ceremony.  Vice Trailer: Christian Bale Deserves a Round of Applause for His Brilliant Transformation Into Dick Cheney.

Comedian Kevin Hart had been attached to host it, but just days after that was announced, Hart stepped down after some of his controversial tweets from nearly a decade ago resurfaced. After that, it was decided the show would go on with no host.