Actress Mahika Sharma, who has been part of the show F.I.R as well as the films Mr Joe B. Carvalho and Mardaani, feels that controversies are part and parcel of showbiz. She says that she has never let them get to her. "These days it has become very easy to degrade the image of an artist. Mahika Sharma: I’m Waiting To Get Back To Screen With Some Challenging Role.

And with that, it has also become easy for an artist to carry that polluted image gracefully. I guess one has understood that all this is part of being part of showbiz and cannot be helped," she says. Mahika, who herself has been surrounded by many controversies in the past, says these don't affect you in bagging projects. Mahika Sharma Urges Everyone to Consider House Helps as Family Member, Asks to Support Them in COVID-19 Crisis.

"One thing that I love the most about this industry is that they employ you for your talent and no one bothers about your image while offering work. They don't discriminate on the basis of what people say about you and, instead, welcome you and praise your hard work," she says.

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