On the grand finale of Bigg Boss 13, long-standing host Salman Khan gave the best compliment to contestant Arti Singh. Salman said that he has never seen an independent contestant like Arti who did not have to gang up or team up with anyone to come so far on the show. Arti is certainly one of the most powerful contestants to ever come on the show. In one of her vulnerable moments on the show, she had talked about how she averted a rape attempt when she was 13-years-old. The revelation shocked the world. Now, Arti has revealed that after she spoke about the incident on the show, her mother did not eat food for three days. Bigg Boss 13: Kashmera Shah Says She Didn't Know About The Rape Attempt On Arti Singh.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Arti said, "Everyone was very worried. My mom didn’t eat for three days and was on phone calls with everyone. She even asked Krushna to get me out of the house as he knows people in the channel," Arti added that her mom was upset and expected her to share the incident in fewer words, without going into details.

Earlier, Arti's brother Krushna had told the media that she said a little too much in the emotional flow. Responding to this, Arti said, "I know Krushna has said I said a bit too much in the flow. But the attempt happened and he was taken aback when I told him word to word about it. I just wanted to share that it happens with almost everyone. I am glad, touchwood, it did not happen. But it was an attempt and I was saved as I jumped,"

More power to Arti Singh. We need more celebs like her who talk about sexual harassment, depression and insecurities so openly and courageously. This gives the fans, the viewers, the kids, the aam janta, the courage and motivation. If Arti was able to change even one life with her revelation, it was worth it.

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