As we know, Megha Dhade, Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Jasleen Matharu, Rohit Suchanti, Urvashi Vani, Srishty Rode, Shivashish Mishra and Karanvir Bohra have been nominated for elimination this week. Salman announces Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode are safe while the others are in the danger zone. Who do you think will have to bid adieu to Salman Khan's show tomorrow. 

Hina Khan entered the Bigg Boss 12 house as audience's spokesperson. From Jasleen Matharu faking her relationship with the Bhajan singer Anup Jalota, Dipika Kakar being fake to Karanvir Bohra failing his fans by not entertaining them, the housemates have failed the ardent fans of Bigg Boss 12. However, Hina gave the housemates a chance to defend themselves over the allegations put on them by the fans. 

The caller of the week speaks to Megha and says that she made a grand entry, which seemed like things are going to get intense inside the Bigg boss house, however it turns out that the housemates are more harsh to her. She also accuses her of trying to break both the groups, while Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana and others laugh at Megha.

Salman teases Karanvir as the latter once again makes a sacrifice and accepts his defeat instead of fighting Sreesanth to become the captain contender. Salman also reveals how Jasleen has been used in the captaincy game and Romil chaudhary was the mastermind behind all of it. Jasleen confronts Romil about the same. The Dabangg actor also talks about the ranking task, where he tells Megha that she should have ranked a step lower and Srishty should have stepped two step up.

Host Salman Khan welcomes housemates and viewers to the Weekend Ka Vaar. The actor wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali. He later, like every Weekend Ka Vaar episode, starts questioning the housemates about their actions in the Bigg Boss house during the past week. Salman talks about Jasleen losing drastically to Sreesanth in the Captaincy task. While he ask her about the same, she replies that Surbhi Jyoti, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur flipped and gave away their vote to Sreesanth.

Bigg Boss 12, hosted by Salman Khan, is halfway through and we have witnessed a lot more drama in the house already. It's a known fact that the house is certainly not an easy place to live and with so many wild card entries, things have just turned ugly. They have taken the Bigg Boss 12 house by storm and has been creating a lot of chaos inside the task. The wildcard entrants are leaving no stone unturned to provide content to the ardent viewers of Bigg Boss 12. Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan Gives Some Workout Tips to Hina Khan As They Chat Over a Cup of Coffee – View Pics

From fights, romances, heartbreaks to controversies, the Bigg Boss makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show more interesting for its viewers. They also  brought former Bigg Boss 11 contestants Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde to the house as the guest contestants. Vikas and Shilpa's presence in the house made the show interesting.

Salman Khan's controversial reality show Bigg Boss 12 is being watched by many people, including some of the biggest names in the Indian television industry. From former contestants to actors, the show has caught everyone's attention. And why wouldn't it, the makers of Bigg Boss are leaving no stone unturned to make the show big.

Another Weekend Ka Vaar episode is here and Salman is back to take everyone's case. Watch this space as we bring you all the Live updates of the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 12.