Bigg Boss 12: Dear Shilpa Shinde, You Don’t Get to Make the Choice on Behalf of the LGBT Community

In our lives, we all have trusted someone who was absolutely wrong but we only realised it too late. Well, all Bigg Boss fans, add one more person to that list. Because, in all her homophobic glory, Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde has let us down. As we all know the former contestant had entered the Bigg Boss 12 house as a guest. She befriended the most controversial contestant, Sreesanth, and has even come out as his ardent supporter. Ardent to the extent that she has even defended his homophobic attitude. Why on Earth did we make this lady win the last season of Bigg Boss?

In a video that Shilpa released after coming out of the house, she can be seen calling out the LGBTQ community for hiding in the closet. Yes, you read that right. To give you some context here, Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth and Shivashish Mishra had made homophobic remarks on the wild card entry in the house, Rohit Suchanti. While Sree and Shiv openly made those remarks, Karanvir was subtle as he made some gestures. He later defended himself saying that he was talking about Srishty Rode's engagement ring.

Defending Sreesanth's homophobic jokes, Shilpa said in the video, that if you are 'hiding something, people will make fun of you'. Let me break it down for you, my dearest, Shilpa. Because, apparently, this kindergarten level logic is too sophisticated for you to understand. Bigg Boss 12: Homophobic, Incompetent, Liar and a Terrible Friend – Sreesanth Is Proving to Be Season’s Worst Contestant.

Firstly, no one on this planet gives one the right to make fun of someone's choice. Whether they choose to remain discreet or want to flaunt it in a pride parade, no one gets to make fun of their choice. The logic is so simple that I am surprised that Shilpa missed it.

Secondly, does Shilpa Shinde not realise that the kind of homophobic behaviour that Sreesanth and Shivashish showed is exactly what pushes the LGBTQ community in the shadows in the first place?

In the video, Shilpa says that if she was a lesbian she would have no qualms about admitting it. Well, that is just your heterosexual privilege talking, Shilpa. No one wants to live in the shadows. People would love to acknowledge their sexuality 'seena thok ke'. But there is a reason why it took India so many years to even consider partially repealing section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

Watch Shilpa Shinde's video here

The reason is that the LGBTQ community is looked down at. Even in 2018. And by defending someone who makes fun of the community, Shilpa is only perpetuating the idea that is okay to ridicule them.

Shilpa says that her straight friend's husband turned out to be gay and thus she knows that people hide in the closet. Now that you know that one perspective, maybe it is time to step out of your homophobic closet and meet up a few people from the LGBT community. And understand what makes them shy away from acknowledging their sexuality.

But for now, dearest Shilpa, you are not the person India voted for and made you win Bigg Boss 11. Maybe not any more. Maybe you never were.

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