Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh Screams at Siddhartha Dey for Making Sexual Remarks at Her! How Will Salman Khan React to This?
Arti Singh, Siddhartha Dey on Bigg Boss 13 (Photo Credits: Voot)

Inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, things sometimes tend to get crass. Just in yesterday's episode, one regular fight during a typical-Bigg Boss task turned unacceptably crass. Arti Singh had to take a stand for herself after Siddhartha Dey crossed the line during a task. During a task, Siddhartha Dey and Paras Chhabra were part of a team. Arti's task was to make the duo move from their chair. Sounds simple right? Arti applied shaving cream on Dey's face to annoy him. His response: "bina shilajeet ke ladkiya yeh sab kar rhi hai'." Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Denies Dating Sidharth Shukla On National Television, Full Story Inside!

WTAF? Some amount of dignity needs to be maintained. Even on a show like Bigg Boss 13. Things did not stop there. Arti is also hit by Paras. Bigg Boss 13 Day 19: Siddhartha Dey Crosses The Line Yet Again, Calls Shehnaaz Gill 'Do Kaude Ki Ladki' (Watch Video).

Wait. There is more. Despite losing temper, Arti goes ahead with the task. When she goes to Dey again to apply something on his body, he touches her inappropriately. Arti creates a scene. She screams at the top of her lungs calling Dey out for the sexual remarks he made. "Tujhe toh shilajeet ki jarurat nahi hai na," she screams. Siddhartha apologises to Arti but she doesn't accept it. We don't think these two contestants will ever get along in the rest of the season of Bigg Boss.

We wonder what will happen on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Salman Khan will surely give an earful to Siddhartha Dey. We hope he does. This weekend, once again, two contestants will be evicted from the house. A male and a female contestant will be bearing the brunt of the audience's voting.