Day 19 of the reality show was full of ups and downs. Tomorrow on Saturday, Salman Khan will return with his Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Hope the host schools the contestants for their wrong doings in the week passed by. Stay tuned!

Rashami takes Paras out in the garden and tells him to keep mum and not spread personal details about Shukla to other inmates on the show. FYI, Chhabra had revealed to Devoleena that Sidharth was in a rehab for a year. 

Owing the amount of passion the four nominated contestant showed while playing the nomination task, BB first lauds them and then cancels the task. Reason: as in the task the boys with an aim to be safe were quitting the task and infact Asim also got ill. So for the betterment of the contestants. 

During Shukla and Dey's fight, Sidharth also had said to Dey that he is always surrounded with 'gutter' kinda people. Taking over the same, Rashami discusses the same with Devo and tells her that she also knows many truth about Shukla. She can ruin him in no time, but she is mum as she does not want to cross the line. 

During his verbal spat with Siddhartha Dey, Shukla makes a comment that Dey should not abuse and touch Gill, instead he should touch girls who love it. This statement of the TV actor does not go well with a few girls in the house and they burst at Shukla. 

The muscular lad in the house, Shukla turns into an angry young man and lashes out at Dey. He comes literally very close to the writer and tells him that does he have maa-behen in his house and how can he say all those shitty words to Gill? 

Arti Singh wants Paras to quit the task and so with aim she shouts at the top of her voice and tells Shehnaaz that Paras once told her that she is using her. In fact, she also added that Chhabra is not interested in Gill and wants Mahira desperately. Hearing this, Shehnaaz gets shocked!

So basically the above announcement was for Asim Riaz as he seems to be completely drenched into all things messy in the task. But still the model is not quitting the task and as a disclaimer BB declared the same. 

Looking at the torture Asim is going through in the task, Devoleena suggests Riaz to leave Abu's hand and quit the task. But this time looks like the lad is no mood to QUIT and so we see a different guy altogether. Go for it Asim! 

During the task, while Arti was sitting in a corner, Dey calls her. Well, we wonder on what tangent was Arti as she showed her DEVI wali side and started yelling at the writer. OMG, this task is turning out to be one fun treat!

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The latest season of the most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss is heating up with each passing day. The show has been the talk of the town since the premiere episode and fans are till now loving it and how. Drama, fights, friendship, betrayal and much more the show is on fire! Having said that, one of the main USP of Bigg Boss over the years has been the shocking statements or revelations made by the contestants inside the house. Apart from that, the reality show is also known for it's link-up rumours. Amidst all this, last night's episode saw Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill been nominated to go inside the jail. Bigg Boss 13 EXCLUSIVE: Evicted Contestant Dalljiet Kaur Tags Shehnaaz Gill FAKE And Wants Sidharth Shukla to Win The Show!

That being said, as per the sneak peek episode of tonight's episode, its going to be a tough day for the boys in the house. The four nominated boys (Siddhartha Dey, Abu Malik, Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra) will be given a task where they can save themselves from eviction. The task seems to be full of 'rubbish', yes we literally mean it. Finally, it would be interesting to find out  who will be saved from nominations this week. Stay tuned to LatestLY for all the updates from Bigg Boss 13! Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Denies Dating Sidharth Shukla On National Television, Full Story Inside!