Dus Ka Dum 3 Written Episode Update, September 8, 2018: Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan Answer Some Tough Questions Thrown by Sunil Grover
Picture Credit: Sony TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Dus Ka Dum 3 starts with Salman Khan ushering in Shah Rukh Khan in the unique Karan-Arjun style. Salman welcomes SRK in the grandest way calling him the BADSHAH as Shah Rukh gives us his USP pose.

We are overwhelmed to the extent of happy tears as the two bond over small talks and how they are unable to meet or spend time together due to excessive work.

Shah Rukh speaks about the time he was new to Mumbai and Salman's family took care of him. Soon there is an unexpected visitor on stage. Sunil Grover dressed up as Amitabh Bachchan walks in and says he does this as a part-time job for the real Amithabh.(Also Read: Salman Khan Promises to Soon Host Shahrukh Khan on His Show as Tabu Talks About Karan-Arjun)

Sunil demands for a chair, and he gets a small stool and then a huge staircase. He removes his outside get up and reveals the KBC suit. Now comes his turn to start the KBC game show. SRK and Salman are already in splits.

Sunil takes some time opening the computer though. The first question goes to SRK about why Salman removes his shirt in every movie. SRK says that the question is very old as Salman has already escalated it to removing pant also.

Now the question is a hypothetical one where SRK is asked what he would be doing at Salman's wedding. SRK says that he will be consoling the girls who would heartbrokenheartbroken. He says he is living for that day and is friend with Salman only for that reason.

Rani Mukherjee enters the show now, and she cannot stop laughing. She meets everyone and keeps asking Salman and Shah Rukh about how they are managing to keep a straight face with Sunil. She compliments Sunil for his performance.

Sunil goes on to ask Rani why was Rakhiji so confident that "merey Karan -Arjun ayenge". He goes on to dance to 'aakhir tumey aana hae' complete with an umbrella and sprinklers. The trio is out of breath with laughter.

Sunil leaves with this and Salman starts his final game with SRK pitted against Rani. Salman has the first question about marriage and Rani, and SRK discuss one person they know who relates to this.

Rani asks Salman to produce kids and forget about marriage. This makes Salman quite excited as he tells Rani he is ready, SRK joins at the cue and asks them if he should switch the lights off.

SRK speaks about the time he took Salman to meet a girl as he is one person who wishes Salman should get married. SRK says that Salman's behaviour is not right. SRK then gives a live demo of how Salman woes a girl.

SRK then nails the Dabbang dialogue and also repeats his own KKHH dialogue too. SRK and Rani try their best to train Salman for romance. All in vain as Salman finds it hard to comply with any kind of emotions.