India's Best Dramebaaz Written Episode Update, August 19, 2018: Kajol Recreates DDLJ Scene, This Time With a Cute Little 'Raj'
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of India's Best Dramebaaz starts with a touching IV about, and the kids share their chemistry with their cute old ones. Dipali Borkar, Jyot and Shreesha are the first to perform, and they have a fun take on Baahubali.

Kajol remembers her little sardar from KKHH as she watches Jyot. Jyot sings a song for Kajol, and she reciprocates the love by bringing in Jyot's grandparents. Snigdha and Angelica are the next who have a take on shopping addiction.

Snigdha talks about her maternal grandmother who has an IV for her which leave the little one teary-eyed. Angelica is joined by her grandparents too who speak about how wrong they were to wish for a boy child and not a girl.

Next act is a tribute to Kajol's family. She is touched by an IV about her mother and the generations before who have all been actors or in the entertainment industry.

Kajol speaks about her maternal grandmother who was supposedly the most beautiful woman of that time. Kajol says that she carries forward a legacy of strong women and was taught by example.

Next is Zoya, Jyot and Inayat who have an ongoing case about the war between utensils. Now Shantanu has brought in a little SRK who is none other than the hardcore Shahrukh fan Garvit. Some of the clips from Garvit's initial performances are shown which leaves Kajol in splits.

Now Raj's Simran walks on stage and calls out to him. Garvit though is a thoroughly confused Raj though as he runs away in full speed as he sees his Simran running to catch the train.

Now Shantanu has a game for Vivek and Kajol- Pehchan Kaun. Kajol leaves the stage with Riddhi after talking about her movie Helicopter Eela.

Now the kids have the story to tell about a real-life hero. Soham, Anish and Dipali make every eye moist as they enact the story of Nancy who was an organ donor by choice.

Her family is so overwhelmed that they find it hard to speak. Next is a fun act by Garvit, Shubhangi and Shreesha who have an interesting take on Salim, Anarkali and Akbar. Shubhangi, Shreesha and Jyot go in for revision while Shubhangi goes home.