Ishqbaaz February 22, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh’s Rude Behaviour Makes His Family Suspicious
Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Star Plus)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakul Mehta) shouting at PN and telling her that he cannot think about her all the time, he has his life also to live. Shivani asks SSO why is he talking in this way to PN, SSO tells her that she should not talk to him like that as her own marriage is broken and she is giving advice about the relationship. SSO tells Shivani that what is she doing sitting at home she should go to college and make her career and not become like Radhika who only thinks about her husband and nothing else matters to her. As Dhruv tries to intervene, SSO shouts at him as he does not have his own identity and that for becoming a star like him one has to work hard. SSO tells them that because of this three his career has taken a back seat as they all depend on him. SSO tells that he cannot do this anymore and goes from there.

All are shocked seeing SSO’s behavior, PN says if he is acting like this then there must be some major reason behind it. There Khanna follows SSO and tells him not to do like this but he orders him to go from here and pushes him out. SSO thinks why is he doing this all and that he cannot do this but thinks he has to do this as they will have to face the world later. Mannat comes in the room with a glass of beetroot juice, SSO shouts at her and tells that it is his room and that he does not like an outsider’s coming in his room. Mannat tells him that according to his schedule he has to drink beetroot juice now. As SSO tries to drink the juice Mannat snizzes, SSO gets angry with her and throws the juice down and tells her to go out of the room. While going one piece of glass which is broken comes under Mannat’s leg. Mannat cries aloud with pain and is afraid to remove the glass from her legs. SSO comes and pulls her leg and remove the glass from her leg and puts ointment. Mannat tells thank you to SSO. Mannat asks why he did all this down, SSO shouts and tells her that she should not act like his wife and go from here.

PN is telling the pandit to pray for SSO and Mannat so that everything will be good in their life. As the pandit is praying, SSO plays music loud and dance with some dancers (who ladki aakhe mare track is played in the background). PN and all watch them dancing and get upset. PN shouts at SSO, she says that she has kept a pooja for him but SSO tells that if she wants to do pooja she should go to the temple. SSO tells Khanna to bring his drink, Khanna brings his drinks, SSO drinks it in front of PN, she gets angry and asks why he is doing this all. SSO tells that because of PN he had to marry Mannat without his consent. PN tries to make him understand that he is wrong in doing all this, SSO shouts her and tells her to take his side and not Mannat’s as she is just an ordinary servant. SSO tells PN that she has gone mad and that she should go to the temple and pray that till now he has kept her in this house and not send her to any old age home. PN gets emotional and tells that as he is drunk now and does not know what he is talking and goes to temple with Shivani.

Mannat calls out to Khanna and asks what is the problem with SSO and that he must be knowing everything. Khanna says that he cannot tell her anything and that she has created enough problem in SSO’s life. Mannat tells that whether he believed her or not but she did this all as she was forced to do it and tells that she wants to help SSO and his family. Mannat tells Khanna that if he needs her help he can come to her. Mannat comes down and sees everything is spread here and there and her leg collides with the glass, she picks it up and smells it and comes to know that SSO has not drunk liquor but it was just apple juice, just the PN comes and tells that they all are going to temple and tells Mannat to bring SSO along with her to the temple and goes from there. Mannat calls out to SSO and shows him the glass and tells that apple juice was there in this and why he did this all and hurt PN also. SSO shouts at her and asks who is she to ask these questions and ask where have all gone. Mannat tells that all have gone to the temple. SSO says perfect and holds Mannat’s hand and takes her in his car and asks where does she stay. Mannat asks him why he is doing this all. SSO stops his car and tells Mannat to get down from his car and leaves her and goes. SSO thinks that he does not know why he is doing this but he is doing this right as all will hate him and won’t miss him.

There Varun is talking with his wife, Chachi calls to him and tells that Mannat is standing outside her house and that SSO might have left her and gone. Varun excuses himself and goes out and talk to her and tells whatever SSO does his all money will go to Mannat only and tells her to treat Mannat well. Mannat comes inside the house, chachi behaves very nicely with her and tell her to come inside and she goes to get something to eat. Meanwhile, SSO thinks about Mannat and says finally she is out from his life ( janeh jaa janeh jaa track is played in the background) There Mannat also remembers SSO.

In the precap, Chachi is seeing the T. V and telling Mannat what have SSO done he has killed his Sister’s husband.