Kapil Sharma Gives It Back To Trolls Who Falsely Accuse Him Of Passing Sexist Comments! (View Tweets)
Kapil Sharma (Photo Credits: Instagram)

While Kapil Sharma seems to have distanced himself from controversies, they don’t seem to want to leave the comedian alone. Kapil who has been spending some much-deserved downtime with his pregnant wife Ginni in Canada on their babymoon has now been dragged into a controversy on Twitter. However, when Kapil found out about it, unlike the older him who would lash out, Kapil gave it back to the troll and then took the high road. Kapil Sharma Controversy: Preeti Simoes Vowed to Destroy Him, Reveals Firangi Director Rajiev Dhingra

A twitter used quoted a line that he claimed was said by Kapil on his show:

To the above tweet, another user commented:

And here's when this Twitter user not only asked everyone to block Kapil but also boycott Sony for airing The Kapil Sharma Show:

To This, Kapil finally reacted and tweeted:

We really like Kapil's subtle yet 'I don't care what you think of me' kinda reply and how he chose to let go off the subject after speaking his peace. Kapil has had a long history with creating and being a part of controversies, but after his long break last year and his subsequent wedding to Ginni Chatrath, Kapil's image has gone from being a controversy man to a family man!