Park Min-Young celebrates her birthday today. She is one South Korean actress who looks good with nearly everyone. Her romantic scenes with actors are hot, sizzling and make your heart flutter like crazy. There's a distinct likeability in her which makes her really pleasing to watch on screen. The best part about her is that despite playing characters that threaten to seem similar to each other, she manages to add certain quirk to the personalities to make them distinctly different. She had likened acting to childbirth which means it's like giving birth to a new character.  Here’s How the Korean Drama Crash Landing On You Borrowed This Great Line From Irrfan Khan’s The Lunchbox

So on her birthday, we thought we will help you know, learn and love Park Min-Young a little more than usual by listing down her five famous K-dramas. Do note the platforms you can watch them on.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Where To Watch: Netflix

A period drama take on She's The Man, Park Min-Young disguises as a man in this show to enter a prestigious institution that only admits males. It's a very quirky show where Min-Young can be seen showcasing a range of emotions.


City Hunter (2011)

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki

It always feels warm and fuzzy somewhere around the heart area to watch Lee Min-Ho on screen. Add the very beautiful Park Min-Young to mix and it becomes irresistible. She plays a bodyguard here who is smart, agile, quick and deeply supportive of Min-ho's revenge plans. What a pairing!

Healer (2014)

Where to watch: Netflix

Healer stars Min-Young opposite the exceptionally handsome Ji Chang Wook is one of the most loves KDrama across the globe. Wook is a private investigator with spy abilities who is tasked to protect a journalist, played by Park, when she goes digging into a story she isn't supposed to. Wook and Park's chemistry, especially the blind-folded kiss on the terrace, can set any screen on fire. So please apply caution when you watch this!

Queen For 7 Days (2017)

Where to watch: Netflix

A departure from the usual Park Min-Young shows, Queen For 7 Days has the actress playing the part of the Queen who is removed from her thrown in just seven days. She plays a positive and strong-willed royalty who tries to make choices at every step between her heart and her country. This series showcases her talents really well.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)

Where to watch: Netflix

This is a typical Kdrama sticking to every cliche of the genre complete with a rich businessman and a not-so-rich secretary. What makes Park's character different is that she isn't the one who just fawns and drools over the rich and rude boss. She likes to live life on her own terms even if it means resigning from a high-paying stressful job to hunt for a husband.


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