Qayamat Ki Raat Written Episode Update, September 8, 2018: Dharam Lashes Out at Gauri After Finding Anjali in The Woods
Here's how Twitter reacted to the first episode of Vivek Dahiya and Karishma Tanna's Qayamat Ki Raat.

Today's episode of Qayamat Ki Raat starts with Dharam finding Anjali on the road in a bad state, and he asks her who did this to her. Anjali says that it was Vikas.

Dharam also sees Vikas there and follows him, but he runs away. Dharam then takes Anjali to the haveli. Gauri walks down to meet Dharam. Dharam lashes out at Vikas for assaulting Anjali.

Vikas says that he was at home all the while but Dharam refuses to believe. He walks out saying he has no relations with the haveli anymore. Kalasur is elated that he could break Dharam away from Gauri.

Karuna and the mystery woman meet Kalsur. The mystery woman gets the letter of Ananya. Karuna promises to kill Ananya soon. Gauri reads the letter too and realises that Raj is not the culprit.(Also Read: Kalasur Kills Mahender And Raj Blames Himself For it)

She goes to meet him, but there is a policeman there who is Kalasur's spy. Gauri lashes out at Raj and says that she does not trust him and that there is nothing between them anymore.

This leaves Raj dejected, but Kalsur is elated. Gauri thinks that she needed to do that to protect Raj and also reach the truth of Sumergarh and her life. Gauri goes to Sumergarh as she misses Raj.

Her car goes bad, and she steps out searching for help. An unknown woman is flying to her and following her. She finds help from a man named Ajay. Ajay turns out to be the investor who bought the Sumergarh haveli. Mishka is the evil force following her.

There Karuna attacks Ananya. Raj's mother walks in, and so Karuna stops her attack for a while. Ananya ties the letter to Raj's mother's saree. Gauri is dropped home by Ajay. Gauri finds the letter in Raj's mother's saree. Both of them run to save Ananya. Ananya tells Gauri everything. Karuna realises that Gauri is already aware of the truth.