Roadies Contestant Sarang Who Was Priyanka Chopra's Backup Dancer Says He Wants To Kill Her! (Watch Shocking Video)
Priyanka Chopra. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

MTV Roadies has always been the favourite reality show for a major chunk of young people. The audience love to watch the enthusiastic youth participating in the show, showing their antic behaviour in order to crack the auditions. Roadies auditions are known to be entertaining and controversial. However, during a recent episode, a contestant named Sarang literally confessed that he wanted 'slay' which means kill violently, the Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra for her rude behaviour! He claimed to be a back up dancer who worked with her previously. Roadies Real Heroes Auditions 2019: Tara Prasad From Delhi Has Got Some Interesting Moves in Store for You! – Watch Video.

Reading the form, judge Neha Dhupia Bedi could not contain her curiosity and asked him the story behind this bizarre confession. He explained that she changed the dance moves at the last moment, causing inconvenience to everyone. He also claimed that the back up dancers had not eaten for hours together and yet were asked to rehearse because of her. He mentioned that he had a problem with her attitude.

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Now, over the years, there have been numerous instances where in the contestants went to any humanly possible extent to get the attention of the judges. Their stories and actions have always been the TRP boosters and ones that would help them stay in the minds of judges and the viewers. Hence, no one knows whether this tale told by Sarang holds any truth or is he explaining any real life incident indeed. Wonder how the judges reacted to this in the episode. Also, what would PC have to say on this? Time will tell!