Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update, October 08, 2018: Aliya Refuses to Marry Rohan
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Sudha badmouthing the Bhalla family as she says Aliya and Raman are shameless as they are sitting with Adi's murderer who is Ishita.

Rohan steps up and asks Sudha to leave. He says that he wats Sudha to leave as he respects the family a lot. Sudha walks away. Later Raman takes his family and leaves too.

Rohan thanks Mani for inviting him. He also says that he will not give up on Aliya as he loves her too much. There Ruhi spots Karan flirting with a married woman and later getting caught by the husband.

Ruhi feels bad and wonders if Rohan is anything like his brother. Ishita and the family ask Mani and Shagun to stop pressurising Aliya and let her have some time.

Ruhi walks up to talk to Ishita, but Kaushalya walks in who is Rohan's mother. She meets Aliya and says that she wants Rohan and Aliya to get married soon. Raman says that he cannot hurry Aliya for anything. Kaushalya walks out and faints to fall off the stairs.