Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 7, 2018 Written Updates Full Episode: Will Gayu's closeness to Kartik affect his relationship with Naira?
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Today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Kartik (Mohsin Khan) playing with the kids and the new puppy. The kids want to name the puppy, so Kartik says let's call him Chutku Singh. Luv and Kush like the name and are very happy.  Kartik explains to them that since the puppy is new to our family so let us give him little time to settle down. Today let him sleep in my room and then you both and take him to sleep with you. Naira (Shivangi Joshi) comes down and joins them. She says this puppy has changed the way of our life, all are happy. Kartik agrees and says any new member in a  family and things change. Naira says let us also plan a Chutku in our life, Kartik tells the children to go and bring something for the puppy to sleep on. He turns on Naira and tells don’t you understand  things in one go, I have told so many times I don’t want kids. He scolds her and asks her why don’t you understand, I won’t change my decision and no one is going to come in our life.

Seeing Naira upset he sits down and listens to what Naira wants to say, she narrates the whole incidence about how she met the lady in the hospital and what she said about the treatment and planning kids,  Naira tells him don’t you think we should now plan for a baby, but he becomes furious and says I don’t care about anything I just want your health to be fine and nothing in the world matters to me more than you. Naira feels very bad and cries, while Kartik leaves. Dadi sees Kartik is upset and Naira’s looks sad too and feels something is wrong between the two.

Laksh comes down from his room and sees  Bhabhi Maa and Dadi sitting in the drawing room. He comes and tries to leave just then Bhabhi Maa asks him what happen does he want to ask her something. Laksh says I don’t how to ask and what to ask but Dadi says I think you are worried about how to take care of your pregnant wife. Laksh says yes I am worried how to deal with the medical conditions of Kirti and I don’t want because of my carelessness she should suffer, this disease called pregnancy. Dadi says its not a disease, but it’s a stage where couples should enjoy each and every day. Bhabhi Maa says let her enjoy and you also enjoy with her, Kirti listens from behind and is happy to see how Laksh is so caring.

Naira and Gayu are taking the puppy for a round, just then Kartik comes and say you take rest I will go with Naira. Just then Chachu comes and they discuss something about work and says says he has to go and work you guys carry on and goes inside.   While going for a walk Naira and Kartik are not talking to each other but Chutku Singh as Naira is angry.  Kartik is trying out things to pursue Naira so that she talk to him.  The puppy sits down in the garden and is in no mood to get up, both try to make him get up but he sits there. Kartik  tells her why are you angry talk to me and both have a cute tiff and it goes on.

Luv and Kush are discussing about their dance competition with their father . He is telling them how they can decide whom they want, just then Naira  and Kartik enter the room and ask what is the matter? The kids tell Naira that Papa is shouting as we have decided you will teach us dancing without asking you. Kartik tries to tell them that he will teach them, but Naira says she will teach and asks them not to worry.  Gayu comes and asks Kartik did you both patch up or are still fighting? He says it's still going on.  Gayu says please come with me I have some work.  While they are working Dadi sees them and is not happy. Just then Swarna comes and Dadi tells I don’t like the way Gayu is so close to Kartik. I have to do something she says and goes from there, Swarna is little tensed.

Luv and Kush are practicing dance with Naira, but her mind is somewhere else. The kids ask her why are dancing like this is your mood off? They ask her to dance in a good mood, just then Kartik enters and tells the kids I will teach you. But then Naira insists and says it will keep her mind fresh. Catch the previous episode - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai December 6, Written Update

In the upcoming episode we will see what Dadi says to Gayu. We will also find out about Naira's reaction to this.