Aryan Tripathi, a youth who is making new progress in the field of digital marketing. His company  'Adymize', a digital marketer, is one of the top ruling companies in digital entrepreneurs. Aryan Tripathi has established this ‘Adymize’ company based on his digital strategies, which would be one of the top business companies in the world in the coming years. His experience includes bringing Internet ideas and digital technologies that will lead to the huge growth of his customers in only online presence and will help them increase their brand awareness and value.

Aryan Tripathi, just at the age of 18, is acknowledging the true colours of success. He is studying B.Tech (Hons) in CSE in AI & ML from Jagran Lake University when free Aryan Tripathi was interested in accomplishing knowledge about the functioning of the online medium and soon gathered knowledge and launched ‘Adymize’ in the world of digital marketing. He became very popular in digital day by day.  'Adymize'  has come a long way and has helped many businesses grow through their impeccable strategies, oriented results, and latest technology methods. 

The journey started of Aryan Tripathi has come a long way. From digital marketing to India's leading marketer and a consultant. Aryan Tripathi shares his reasons for true success where he mentions Bhagavad Gita and devotee of Lord Rama as a major reason to gain success. How spiritual is this! In a world where people are on the path to modernization, he, along with it, is also a spiritual person.

Aryan Tripathi created an impression in the digital market with his amazing skill and technique. Digital Marketing has made business even more convenient globally. This small boy has turned his passion into a great success; it's really breathtaking. At such a tender age, youths are seen exploring the world. Aryan has bloomed the world with his success.

Aryan Tripathi, through  ‘Adymize’, has become the world's top entrepreneur in the digital business; not only this, he has become a master in the field of Digi - world.  Apart from being a specialist in the field of the digital world, he has a strong place in branding and web development in the market. He says "that one should always contribute to society to make donations to the needy". This shows how positive an attitude he has towards life. Therefore the young entrepreneurs have become youth icons. Their work has positively led to the development of the nation.