Everyone deserves a second chance, right? While numerous have been talking about this adage for a long time, Dr. Christine Manukyan knows how to make it happen. Amidst the grinding phase of the pandemic, she was urged by her instincts to ditch her job as a clinical pharmacist, just to embrace the new life as a mom, disruptor and entrepreneur. Well, it worked out well for her, thanks to her resilience, dedication and thought-provoking approaches. A pharmacist turned into a Functional Medicine Practitioner, business coach, best-selling author (Pivot With Purpose), top-rated STORRIE™️ podcast host, international speaker and mother of two, she endured some of the hardest challenges right before discovering breakthroughs in her life.

An inspiration for many, Dr. Christine Manukyan started her journey in the quest to discover her own story. While she was in her 30s, she was down in the dumps trying to fight against obesity, high cholesterol, lack of energy, insomnia and stress. She jumped out of her skin when she got informed by her doctor about the likeliness of witnessing a heart attack. Well, "settling with pills" was not a cure that could convince her, thus, she started working on healing her body the right way. After experiencing her own health transformation using Functional Medicine, she realised how magical yet plausible the journey is! Impressively, she lost 100 pounds through intermittent fasting, exercise, and incorporating Functional Medicine practices into her daily routine.

So, what was next in her plan? Right from the outset, Dr. Christine experienced the wonders of her practice and soon realised how she could create a difference with the power and knowledge she possessed. Her health mantras have reshaped purposes for countless women out there. A frequent speaker on holistic lifestyle choices and creator of a virtual business, Dr. Christine founded Functional Medicine Business Academy™️ for the women feeling worn out, stuck or overwhelmed from stress and exhaustion. While it thrives ceaselessly as a Functional Medicine Certification Program and business incubator, the clinicians from the Academy launch and scale their practice and become Certified Functional Medicine Specialist™️. With no other academy like this, the unique coaching gets the clinicians ready for the entrepreneurial and Functional Medicine arena. Her programs are more than coaching, they aim to pave way for burned-out medical professionals struggling to balance careers, family and their health. When you hop on for a transformational journey with Dr. Christine, she'll simply drive you to a healthy and powerful lifestyle, a renewed mindset and a lot better business.

Revolutionising functional medicine, what sets Dr. Christine apart is her urge to build better individuals, her positive outlook towards changes and a strong belief in a healthy lifestyle. She says, "I love to see women managing professional life and at the same time perfectly mending their superpowers to keep up with their personal lives. But they do not acknowledge the burnout that comes along and often end up giving up either their professional lives or something they are passionate about. Functional Medicine Business Academy was a result to eliminate such problems in a woman's life. She says, “Through my experiences and knowledge, I wish to impart the secrets of living a balanced lifestyle. A woman can everything at once with the right mindset, she could be a full-time mom, a professional and an inspiration in an entrepreneurial world." 

While Dr. Christine has successfully topped the list of business coaches and Functional Medicine Practitioners, this real-life wonder woman has dazzled a room full of 15000+ listeners, have been a successful coach of 300+ transformational journey and been recognized globally for her entrepreneurial achievement and dedication. She further marked her presence in revolutionising the success of various businesses, including mentoring 4th-year pharmacy students to start their Functional Medicine legacy while in school. Her 12-month certification program has not only rekindled the best versions of her coachees but has also reconnected them with their passions and goals in no time.

Dr. Christine believes in the power of "second chances" - chances to rewrite our stories.  On November 9, 2021, she is launching her first STORRIE Publishing book called  ‘Unleash The STORRIE Within’. Along with 19 other Functional Medicine Practitioners, Dr. Christine will be sharing the most interesting secrets of living a healthy lifestyle through Functional Medicine.

Dr. Christine says, "I have seen numerous women blooming and experiencing their transformational journey. I have watched women laddering up in their businesses faster than imagined. One thing that remains constant midst all of this is - my happiness to see them grow and the inspiration I draw from them."