Certain life events can change a person’s views and perceptions. Such moments have an influence on the way we think, our beliefs and sometimes faith. Among such tales is the newest publication, Patrick’s Tale, by author Michael Hubbard. The author shares this fictional tale with the readers to reflect on the journey of life they go through and face numerous changes during their lifetimes. Hubbard, himself, is a small-town countryman who dreams that were larger than life.

Born in 1975 in Sheveport in Louisiana, Hubbard faced numerous challenges in life, just like all other people out there. But what made him different was his dreams and his determination to turn them into reality. He started his career in Coca Cola, but that was not his dream job. To live his dream, Hubbard began stepped into professional football.

Still, he had other goals in mind, and he wanted to do something that could satisfy him from within. As he was a person who loved to live in his own world, he decided to try something that would help him channel his creativity and imagination in way that would bring him internal satisfaction and joy. Michael Hubbard chose writing. He took a step and published a fictional story, namely Patrick’s Tale.

Channeling the Creative Flare

The story is about a little boy who resided in the small town of Dunkin. His life took a turn when he had to go to the forest to cut trees that his father used to do. Due to his sickness, the boy ‘Patrick’ had to take responsibility. During the few hours that he spent in the forest, there were events that shook his life to the core. His father died, he came in contact with great power, and his mother did not believe what he went through.

The whole story revolves around the things that happened with Patrick and his life after that.

Michael Hubbard’s book, even though is a fictional story, portrays a deep message for the world. Not only this, but Hubbard has successfully used his creative mind and imagination to pour his emotions into the paper and turned it into a book. Patrick’s Tale, very beautifully captures the essence of life, something only a writer with a deep imagination and creative flare can achieve.

The story began in the month of October with the focus on the title character Patrick chopping down trees by himself. Usually, his father would be there with him, but he was sick and needed Patrick to do the work alone. He was busy with his work when he heard a loud scream and saw some wolves taking an old man down. He took all his might and fought the animals. But what he saved was not a man but a ‘Creature’ who gifted him a magical cursed flute that can control animals but grants the holder immortality.

He tested the flute a few times, and when he returned home, his life took a turn as his father left this world.

As Patrick used the flute, the curse had started to take over him. Soon he became the Creature he saved earlier with nowhere to go as his mother was also dead, and he was branded as a Witch-boy by villagers.

The epilogue showed that Patrick, now entirely changed into the Creature trying to hand over the flute to another boy and trying to get rid of the curse.

The story encapsulates a deep meaning on misuse of power that one possesses. The various events that took place could have been avoided if the bearer of the flute used that power for good instead of revenge.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaway from the story is that people, when in power, have responsibilities. Patrick started out as an ordinary kid living an ordinary life. It has his humanity to save the creature who wanted nothing more than to get rid of the cursed flute. The story showed that the creature itself was a child who transitioned into something horrible due to misuse of the flute. It was Patrick’s last ounce of humanity when he decided to let the grasshopper be eaten by the fish by controlling its movement. After that, the series of events unfolded proving that indeed with great power comes great responsibility. It was the first time when Patrick misused that power and then all of his following actions were based on revenge. The continuous misuse changed his appearance and showed the world about the darkness such power can possess. Even though he knew that he was misusing the power, the addiction, the trance and the influence made him repeat the actions. In the end, he was left with nothing and was continuously seeking someone to take that curse away from him so he could die in peace.

Michael Hubbard’s story has a unique twist to it. The readers will know that the boy was misusing the power but he was not the villain. It was his desire to opt for the easy way out of situation without any effort that made him take a dark path and ruin his life. The story is simple and relative to the everyday situations where people believe that they can get out of anything through an imaginative power. But the reality is far from the perception as gaining power is easy, it is the use of that power that makes all the difference in life.