Video of Indian Army Testing 'Air Cavalry' Concept During 'Vijay Prahar' Exercise in Desert Terrain of Rajasthan
An Image from the Month long Exercise of Sapta Shakti Command concluded on 9 May 2018.(Photo Credits: Twitter@adgpi)

New Delhi, May 13:  The Indian Army tested the 'Air Cavalry' concept during the 'Vijay Prahar' exercise in the desert terrains of Rajasthan, a video of which was posted on the twitter handle of the Indian Army. The Air Cavalry concept was first used by the US Army which had used the concept to detect and attack the ground forces during the Vietnam War.

The Air Cavalry concept was used by the Indian Army to enhance and upgrade the forces and sharpen its overall defence abilities. Various jaw dropping stunts and acts were performed during the exercise by the special forces of army's Sapta Sakti command. Helicopters were used in the combined action along with tanks and armed ground forces, as is the norm in the Air Cavalry attack. Video of the combat free fall operation:

According to reports, the Indian Army is also looking to procure more attack helicopters and is aiming at future combat preparedness by concentrating on its air combat strength.

The Air Cavalry is a concept that uses the dual strength of attacking from the air through combat helicopters while the ground forces launch fatal offense on the enemy. The attacks by armed forces on ground is complemented with attacks through air which is aimed at complete destruction of the enemy army. Strike formations of the Sapta Shakti Command rehearsed offensive maneuvers involving attack helicopters operating in conjunction with Tanks to deliver & destroy the enemy armour. Christened as 'The Air Cavalry', the concept was tried in the exercise.

Defence spokesperson Lt Col Manish Ojha told news agency PTI that in operation Vijay Prahar held in the firing ranges near Suratgarh, the Air Cavalry was carried by the South Western Command. Here are the pictures:

Defence experts are of the view that this exercise will help the Indian Army in assessing its strength for future combativeness. The concept will be especially helpful in the land battles in desert in both western and eastern front in mountainous terrain.

Reports claim that Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd has and is in the process of developing light combat helicopters for Indian army to facilitate army's operation at high altitude. Besides, AH-64 'E' Apache attack helicopters will be sourced from American aviation company Boeing.