Agra Youth Commits Suicide After Failing To Make It To Indian Army; Thousands Watch Live Streaming Video On Facebook
Munna, a youth from Agra, live streams suicide on Facebook (Image credits: ANI)

Agra, July 12: A youth in Agra committed suicide after not being able to make it to the Indian Army after five attempts. The 24-year-old, identified as Munna Kumar, live-streamed his suicide on Facebook and even though over 2,000 people watched the live video, no one informed the police or tried to stop him.

Munna was a B.Sc graduate and a resident of Shanti Nagar in New Agra area in Uttar Pradesh. The police have sent his body for postmortem. On Wednesday morning, Munna shared a 1:09-minute clip of his confession on Facebook before hanging himself on live video. According to reports, over 2,750 people watched the live streaming, but none informed the police or his family to stop the suicide.

Munna also left a six-page suicide note blaming himself for not being able to make it to the Indian Army and not being able to make his family proud.

According to reports, Munna's father had recently set up a grocery store for him to help him overcome depression.