Bihar: Vegetable Prices Shoot Up in Patna After Crop Damage Due to Floods
Vegetable (Image used for representational purpose) (Photo Credits: PTI)

Patna, November 6: The recent floods in Patna and other parts of Bihar have damaged vegetable crops leading to a hike in the prices of vegetables in the region. Rakesh Kumar, a vendor in Patna, told ANI that prices of all the vegetables have steeply increased due floods caused by heavy rains. Onion Prices Jump by 45 Percent to Rs 80 Per Kg in Delhi in Just One Week.

Shankar Kumar Choudhary, a customer, said that even an essential commodity like onion was costing at least Rs 60 per kg. "The smallest of onions costs nearly Rs 60 per kg and this is also the case with other vegetables," he said. Choudhary said it is getting increasingly difficult for his family to afford vegetables. "Earlier, I used to buy 2-3 kg of onions. Now, I am only able to purchase 250-500g of onions due to high cost," he added. Onion Prices Skyrocket Across India: Rates Expected to Touch Rs 120 Per Kg in Bhopal Due to Shortage in Onions Stock.

Another customer, Krishna Prasad, said state government should take some measures to control the prices of the vegetables.Damage to onion crops has also led to rise in its prices in other states including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu.