Integrated Health, after becoming the center of attraction in 2019, released more information this year about its trending product Clear Nails Plus. It has become the number one choice on the market because of its potential to erase off toenail fungus and boost the gut microbiome. The new information released discloses details about the working of the product and its ingredients.

Clear Nails Plus was formulated to especially target the fungal infections and reduce the chances of its recurrence. Besides removing toenail fungus, its natural ingredients work to promote healthy and shiny nails.


The all-natural supplement works by proliferating and breaking the fungal cell wall. The formula breaks through the wall and inhibits mitotic activity. America reports having an incidence of 27.2/100 000 onychomycosis cases every year. Women form a major portion of this statistic.

Clear Nails Plus is a product of Roy Williams, who has spent 18 years of his life in the field of medicine. In a video on his official site, he shares the reason for making Clear Nails Plus. His father was on his death bed because of a minor fungal infection which he initially ignored. After every doctor rejected his father for the treatment, he was eager to formulate a safe and reliable supplement.

Integrated Health introduced the formula of Clear Nails Plus only in tablet form. This decision was taken as the supplemental form has gained importance over ointments and creams. The past few years have seen better cleansing effects from tablets as compared to the former two forms and affordability is another added benefit.

 Clear Nails Plus is a breakthrough formula that combines the best of 20 special ingredients to remove the black spots and highlight the original whitish pink color of the nails.


The ingredients of Clear Nails Plus are extracted and used in its purest forms sourced from different locations. Oregano, wormwood, olive leaf extract, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, Bioperine, and garlic bulb are some of the active ingredients discussed by Integrated Health on its site. Integrated health has discussed the benefits of these seven ingredients to give consumers a better idea about the constituents of the Clear Nails Plus tablet and its effectiveness.

Bioperine deepens the absorption of turmeric by 2000%, while oregano, olive leaf extract, garlic bulb, and apple cider vinegar prevent any entry of pathogen in the body. Turmeric was added to the formula because of its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Wormwood makes the immune system stronger and acts as the first line of defense against pathogens. The majority of the ingredients in Clear Nails Plus are antibacterial and antifungal.

Integrated health directs its customers to consistently use Clear Nails Plus for long-term benefits. If someone does not like Clear Nails Plus, Integrated Health asks him or her to just send them an email and request a refund. The purchasers are given 180 days to test the product and keep the bottles if it does not meet their expectations.


The fame of Clear Nails Plus has put Roy Williams and his product at risk. Top-notch pharmaceutical companies do not want such supplements to prosper and find ways to legally put them down. Roy Williams advises his customers to stock up because he does not know when this product will get removed from the market.

Clear Nails Plus besides removing fungus, also ensures brittle-free nails. There have been no reported side effects yet. The team suggests being consistent with Clear Nails Plus as some people might have lower immunity and a higher risk of recurrence of fungal infections. Consumers can safely use it for months without getting distressed about its side effects.

Clear Nails Plus is a nutritional supplement and is advised not to use it as a medication. This supplement is only for mature people and children under 18 should not use it. Pregnant and nursing women should also quit using it during this period.

Despite the premium packaging, Clear Nails Plus comes at an affordable price. All purchasers are given ten minutes to select the package and benefit from the discount. Clear Nails Plus originally costs $89. The updated packages first include a starter deal, which offers one bottle of Clear Nails Plus to beginners for $69. The purchaser can save $20 in this package.

The smart package allows the customers to save more money, as it sells three bottles, each for $59. Here the purchaser saves $129. In the optimum package, the price of each bottle drops to $49. The optimum package serves a customer for three months. The last deal helps the purchaser save $339. More packages can be accessed from here.

To attract more customers and make things go interesting, Roy Williams, with every purchase of Clear Nails Plus, gifts his purchasers two free bonuses. Both the bonuses individually worths $49. 24-hour Fungal Flush discusses toenail fungus and ways to prevent it. The guide mainly focuses on how to keep healthy and beautiful nails.

The other bonus, The Diabetics Fungus Fighting Handbook helps diabetic consumers of Clear Nails Plus know how to control diabetes with healthy foods and keep fungal infections at bay. All the foods discussed have a scientific background and have proven benefits against diabetes.

Clear Nails Plus is a proven supplement to boost immunity and overcome chipped and black spotted nails. It helps people have healthy nails by boosting the blood flow to them. The product promises to give all its consumers shiny, stronger, and crack-free nails.

Clear Nails Plus has more than 18000 regular customers. Most users have reviewed Clear Nails Plus as one of the best products for antifungal nails. For most consumers, Clear Nails Plus showed noticeable benefits within three weeks of use.

Integrated Health is known for its trusted supplements. The Clear Nails Plus formula was used decades ago by Asaro Mudamen in Papua New Guinea to get a fungal-free life. Support for the quality of Clear Nails Plus by the FDA has further marked its popularity. Clear Nails Plus was launched into the market only after extensive international lab testing. 

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